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(UFC) Recent advances in stem cell research are giving older people the hope that they may soon be able to  throw away  their dentures  in  favor of  the  real thing. If this dental dream becomes a reality, stem cells will be  taken  from  the patient, cultured in a lab and then reimplanted under the gum in the patient’s jaw where  the  tooth  is missing.

A  healthy  tooth  is  expected  to  grow  in  two months. British  scientists have already  successfully  experimented  on  mice,  and  similar  experiments  in  humans  are  expected  to  get underway shortly. (Speak up – No. 209 – p.4)

The text does NOT mention:

A)  how the experiment in humans will be made.

B)  where in the body the experiment in humans will be made.

C)  who has made the experiment.

D)  how British scientists have experiment recent researches.

E)  when exactly the experiment in humans will be made.

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Resposta: E

Não há menção a quando o experimento será feito em humanos.

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